Book Review: Sorcerer’s Screed

If you’re deeply invested in the runes and rune-work, then this book will be of great use to your collection.

“Sorcerer’s Screed” offers innumerable cipher sets to study and experiment with, showing one how they can essentially create their own “secret” systems of runes and runic writing.

You can see here how much of the magical tradition from the Mediterranean region started to influence the Nordic culture, leading the Icelanders to create their own blend of unique practices.

This blend of practices is still utilized via the sigil and rune work of many people today.

There’s so much amazing sigil work here to study for hours on end, really showing just how important these symbols (and native Germanic Pagan thought) was to even the mostly Christian Icelandic esotericists.

Many times, “Christian” and Pagan deities are invoked side by side in these spells, showing an open minded blend of thought and practice at the time.

Folks who are reluctant to expanding their runic thought will likely not enjoy this book, but those with a deep connection to them will very much enjoy owning a copy.

If you love runes, don’t be afraid to keep learning about them, even if an interpretation may be foreign.

May all sentient beings utilize the runes.

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