Thurisaz Galdr

We recorded a new galdr track this week, Thurisaz in 108 repetitions.

Thurisaz means “giant” and represents the god Thor or the giant Jormungandr.

Thurisaz also represents the sacred hammer, Mjolnir.

This hammer is synonymous with the Vedic Vajra, representing a type of spiritual weapon used against ignorance and obstacles.

It can also represent unbreakable awareness or the “diamond” aspect of our natural mind.

Esoterically, Thurisaz can represent wrath/chaos and the direction of willed force.

This isn’t meant to be sinister or evil, but rather, represent tremendous energy that can be accessed and used with the correct techniques.

May all sentient beings utilize this power within themselves for the benefit of all others.

Hailaz / Namaste

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ansuz Society.

April, 2023.

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