Blessed Equinox

On this most generous Equinox,

I wish for all beings to capture, utilize, and cultivate the powers of light within as we enter the darkest quarter of the year.

I wish to you the power of the sun in your heart,

the power of endless fire in your soul,

and the guiding breath of the High One within your core;

to be your control and mastery over these forces.

When the light is gone, may you have the power to create your own.

Om Namah Shivaya

Hailaz Wodanaz

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Runes : Video 8 – Introduction to the Younger Futhorc Runes, Part.3

In this video, I will give a brief rundown of the meanings and basic interpretations of runes 12-16 of the Younger Futhark (Futhorc).

For more information about the esoteric and practical side of runes, you can pick up a copy of my book “Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna: European Sorcery and Divination” on Amazon.


*I have no academic credentials regarding any of these topics. I am a private researcher and practitioner of this school of traditional Germanic occultism and share information regarding my experience along the way.

Next Book Nearing Completion

Artwork for the next rune book is finished and things are roaring ahead towards release.

This particular edition will be part 1 of the next full-length rune work, infinitely more expansive than the last, covering the first 8 runes of the Elder Futhark.

Many thanks to Ioan Eofor for the great work, speedy delivery and excellent communication; its’ an honor to add another productive titan to the team.

Test copy should be in my hands in the next couple weeks, more info on that soon.