Loki Bindrune

From ‘Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna : European Sorcery and Divination’ Page. 118

This bindrune is used to invoke Loki and associated powers. Carve this into wood, stone or bone, and place it anywhere on your altar with an offering bowl in front of it. Offerings to Loki commonly consist of coins, stones, and knotted ropes. The bindrune consists of the name  and can be used as a conduit for quick connections to Lokian forces. Most Pagans are shy to working with Loki, but I have found it very useful at certain times, as Loki can be an archetype for indomitable freedom and individuality.

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Thurisaz – Rune of Chaos

Thurisaz is a rune of immense power. Within it dwells the power of widespread destruction and iron clad defense against enemies. Thurisaz is the hammer of Thor; vanquisher of foul beasts and defender of mankind. This chaotic force can be channeled, directed, and propelled at any target we wish to destroy; and also to protect that which we love and value. These dichotomies of defense and destruction are the most primal functions and behaviors of which Thunraz, or Thor, is representative of.

Thurisaz is a symbol of male sexuality and potency. This primordial force is needed in the creation of new life and is a primary building block for existence. The male sexual energy is violent in spirit; something intense and aggressive at its’ root. Thurisaz shows its’ power and intent through procreation and wild, lustful intercourse.

Thurisaz symbolizes the power of thunder and storms. Like Hagalaz, it brings chaos and uncertainty with its’ fury and aggression. This same ferocity should be applied to our willpower, using it as a hammer to mold our destiny and position in time. With this in mind, Thurisaz is a direct representation of realized power, intensity and fury. These frenzied and chaotic energies are a required piece to the puzzle of life, and we must not shun these “surges” in power when they become available to us. This power is something we can learn to harness in ourselves when needed; as it can temporarily raise us into “Godhood” when that extra boost is needed to transcend.

Thurisaz is a rune of great strength and might. It represents the Thurs or “Giant(s)/Troll(s)”, the tribe (or forces) at odds with the Aesir in the Northern myths. Thurs are known for their strength in combat, wits, and skill in magic. However, these “giants” are not to be confused with the gargantuan, mythical beings from fantasy, but rather as a term for a different tribe, family, or spirit.

Thurisaz is a primordial and archaic force; one that has survived since the beginning of our age. From the Yawning Gap of madness and nonexistence the metaphysical beast Ymir was birthed, and from the chaos of his slain corpse was the  world created. Over the seas of blood the Thurs sailed, eventually settling in an area called Jotunheim. This area makes up one of the “wild” spaces surrounding the ordered, human world of  Midgard.

Thurisaz, in my opinion, radiates the opposite powers of Tiwaz. Order resides in Tiwaz, while chaos resides in Thurisaz. Our purpose is to become a master of these forces, and ultimately bring them to balance within us. When we have finally achieved this alchemy of perfect balance, we will no longer need to return to this realm and can ascend into the next.