Eihwaz – Rune of Yggdrasil

Eihwaz is the rune of Yggdrasil, the center and most sacred tree to the Nordic peoples. Like the Irminsul to the Saxons, Yggdrasil stood as the “Axis Mundi” to the people of the North, the spiritual and divine center of the Earth. Eihwaz is a symbol of strength, stability, trust and dependability. Like the spine in our bodies, Eihwaz is the spine of our spirit; a network of energy that can be accessed and harnessed.

Eihwaz is a rune of endurance, defense, and protection. It aids us in the conquering of fear and doubt by serving as a center point for our spirit to find solace in. It serves as a symbolic representation of the realms of existence, all in balance and all connected. The center represents the individual and the arms are the connections into the higher and lower realms of existence.

Eihwaz shows the transformation of situations; the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. From one age unto the next, time circles around us and patterns are repeated eternally in a constant flux of chaos and order. Forces we cannot see are constantly at war, influencing everything and nothing at the same time. Eihwaz is the spectrum in which these forces navigate and congregate, the bridgerealm connecting all realms.

Eihwaz is the metaphysical “center” where all roads connect. No matter where you may be, you are connected to its’ presence and that awareness should help ground any uncertainty you may have. Meditate with Eihwaz when things feel “out of control” or overwhelming. Use it to pinpoint the origin of your strife. Pair with runes like Laguz and Algiz to bring serenity, clarity, and strength to you.

The ancient European man did not believe in the dualistic concept of good and evil. All things were either neutral or beneficial in his/her eyes, either harnessing the powers of chaos or the forces of order. Their focus was on balancing, understanding and mastering these two forces in order to shape life in a healthy and powerful way; existing in full symbiosis with the natural order. The more we meditate on and experience these forces, the more they become malleable, subject to change, and the more forcefully we can direct them in the directions we want.

Eihwaz is a rune of Shamanic travel and action. It acts as a roadway between worlds and a bridge between life and death. Eihwaz is a portal stretching from the edge of the heavens to the very depths of the darkest abyss, entirely traversable through Shamanic techniques such as meditation, trance, and ritual. This rune can be used to speak to the Gods, the dead, and all the forces in between. Through its’ use, we can ascend and descend into lighter and darker realms of being. The heavens, Hel, and everywhere else in the Nine Worlds are reachable with this rune. Eihwaz keeps us rooted in the constant ebb and flow of chaos and order, reason and insanity. It protects us from falling too far out of balance. It is natures scale for our spirit.

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