Othala – Rune of Inheritance

Othala is the rune of our ancestral bloodline and inhertiance. It represents the throne of our ancestors and their mortal accomplishments. Othala is a rune of concrete spiritual power and symbolizes the noble inheritance within us, passed down through many great deeds and victories. Othala represents the lands which we inherit from our forefathers and pass on to the next generations. It is important and every generations duty to respect and cultivate the land for the future folk to thrive on. We must remember to not take more than we give back.

Othala represents your inherited wealth, property, identity, and blood. Its’ presence should inspire admiration for your ancestors and spark your interest in the secrets of the past. Use this rune to draw inspiration from your forefathers and to learn their wisdom. Use Othala as a guiding force into your memory and your history. It is a key to the gates of your ancestral spirit.

Othala represents our accumulated luck and honor, the Hamingja. It is the throne to which we ascend when we have acted out the will of the Gods. Othala grants us our divine ascension and fixates our eyes on the Ancient Truth. It is a reminder that the greater purpose always outweighs the individual’s needs. This greater purpose can otherwise be termed the “Superindivual” desires, those being desires that are in line with the ascension of a people or tribe and not singular individuals. All that matters is the climbing of the spiritual ladder to heal, grow, and solidify the existence of the blood and spirit.

When visualizing or meditating on Othala, it is important to view the aspects of yourself that you would like to cultivate into stronger, more majestic traits. Acknowledge the endless circle of time in which you inhabit and feel the age of your soul. Visualize the endless trail of blood, sweat and tears that have been left behind so that you can exist now. Watch your ancestors travel, watch them live, and watch their footsteps be made eternally upon the surface of the Earth. This is something that should drive you to preserve and nurture the cycle of life. Preserve the fires of your ancestors and never let them fade to ashes.

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