Kenaz – Rune of Fire

Kenaz is the rune of fire and all the beneficial powers therein. It is a beacon of inspiration, a torch of knowledge and a conduit for personal creativity. Kenaz represents the powers of light and creation, the essential fires of life force itself. It helps illuminate the world around us and takes away the mystery of the darkness. Whether it be the darkness of the day or mind, it banishes the shadows and illuminates our vision, guiding our path forward.

Kenaz represents uncontrollable passion and love. New romance and untamed desire radiate its’ powers, setting your spirit ablaze for that which it yearns for. Meditate on this rune to fuel passions of the mind, flesh, and spirit. All questions of desire can be consulted with Kenaz; let it be the torch that guides your heart and flesh.

This concept can also be applied to the passion and love one has for a craft, skill, or hobby. Kenaz is the creative spark within, the burning fire of transformation. Like nature’s powers of creation and transformation, man also harnesses the ability to mold, shape and impose his will upon the environment around him. Kenaz is the ability to be intuitive, to have enthusiasm and to do what we are skilled at doing.

As much as Kenaz is an inner fire of creation and knowledge, it is also the passion and willingness to teach as well. It represents the carrying and passing of the torch of knowledge from person to person, securing the fire of wisdom within others. A skilled teacher always radiates the qualities of Kenaz, and it is a great gift to be trained by these Sorcerers of Fire. Remember to carry the torches of tradition and wisdom through the ages, they are the anchor for the soul in this world.

Kenaz represents the sanguine fire of the blood, the sacred inner fire flowing through our veins. The blood is a deep and endless well of power, burning with potential and possibilities waiting to be unlocked. It is a controllable and malleable force rather than a chaotic and untamed one. Within it lies the illumination of all secrets. Seek a union of blood and fire for creative sparks and raw passionate energy as they are one and the same.

Kenaz is the fire of communion, the heart and foundation of the tribe’s survival. For thousands of years, fire has created space where ideas are born, shared, discussed, and shaped. The news of each day would be told around the fire each night, and everyone would become wiser together through each other’s experience. Kenaz is that spark, torch, and beacon; it is our duty to carry it through the ages.

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