Algiz – Rune of Protection

Algiz is a rune of great protection and luck. It is a beacon of superior health, strength, life force and vitality. Algiz represents the Elk and its’ immense power and energy, a living example of sovereign health and endurance. The powers of this rune are extremely beneficial when summoned and will protect you in endeavors of the body, mind, and spirit. The presence of Algiz is also an invitation of friendship, a beacon of communion for those familiar with Germanic tradition.

Algiz is a representation of the forest; the utmost prime example of thriving health and flourishing life force. When meditating on this rune, it is wise to visualize the entirety of the forest; from the leaves to the branches, the branches to the trunk, the trunk to the roots, and the roots to the soil; the soil linking all things together to function as one through networks of fungus… This is the vibration and mindset we must enter to fully thrive within ourselves and nature around us. It’s a head space that allows us to re-align with the natural order and heal ourselves of the modern sickness. All organisms have a place within nature and it is our job to find our own place.

Algiz is associated with the Hamingja (the hereditary spirit of luck associated with our bloodlines) and connection to the divine. It represents our families inherited luck and good fortune, increased or decreased by deeds of honor and greatness. Listen to all advice given to you and search for patterns within yourself and nature. Nothing is a coincidence.

Algiz reminds us to focus on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We must remember to nourish the body, mind, and soul equally. Likewise, we should always treat nature and wildlife in the same respect. Clean up trash when you can and assist in the protection of the wilderness, as it is our duty to the Gods, and to ourselves. Being as untraceable as we can in our ventures into the wild shows that we can still have a sustainable relationship with mother Jörð, and she might continue to keep us around for a while. While in nature, always remember the mantra, “Leave no trace.”

Staying conscious of the fact that we are just another piece in the cosmic puzzle, another link in the sentient chain of nature, will keep us connected to the natural reality and grounded to the soil. For many years, people have tried to isolate themselves and/or remove themselves from nature, consciously thinking that they are a separate entity entirely and not connected to one another. They view it rather as something that must be overcome and conquered, separated from the worldly ventures of man. We must heal and mend this “civilized” way of thinking and return to a simpler, healthier, and more balanced way of living, with nature by our side.

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