Laguz – Rune of Water

Laguz is the rune of water and signifies the mysterious depths of the oceans and soul. It represents the unconscious and esoteric workings of the mind and the collective memory deep within our species. Water connects all things and makes traveling to new lands possible. This relates to the astral plane as well, where all realms can be reached via this metaphysical water. Laguz is this connective tissue that makes all destinations of the physical, mental, and spiritual reachable.

Laguz represents travel over seas and other water sources. It bears the promise of success, but not without hardship. It insists that we “go with the flow” and let time take its’ course with forces out of our control. Be calm about the things you cannot control in life and do not let those forces cause storms in your internal sea. Use this rune for calm, clear, and focused insight.

Laguz represents our subconscious mind, its’ strange workings, and its’ patterns. Like the ocean, it is dark and mysterious, but not in an “evil” or “sinister” way. This darkness is a perplexed type of darkness, something we are unable to understand fully, an anomaly of our perception. We are constantly learning of new life and patterns hidden within its’ murky depths, forcing us to reevaluate what is possible. In this internal ocean some places are calm and some are treacherous, but all is connected in a constant stream of connectivity and flow.

Laguz is the patience and calmness that allows success to flow unto us, and the peaceful reward of outliving the storms of life. Laguz is an omen of good fortune that requires you to follow certain guidelines to reach your goals. Be diligent in your conquests and “stay the course,” no matter how rough the waters may be. Let Laguz be the oars of your ship as Raido is the reigns of your chariot.

Laguz is the “Dark Matter” that exists in all the spaces between logic and reason, matter, and spirit. It’s the intuitive process and subconscious workings of the mind and soul; the raw plane at which our mind is operating on behind the scenes of our reason. This is where innate qualities of a person’s character are held, and where the propulsion for our unknown destiny arises from. Meditate on Laguz to understand the fathomless and mysterious darkness of existence.

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