Raido – Rune of Travel

Raido is the rune of travel, journey, and exploration. This rune should accompany you on all major journeys across the land or sea, spirit or mind; for it will keep you safe and help you stay your course. Raido represents a change of space and environment, a time of growth and excitement when the larger picture becomes more clear and tangible. Use Raido when you embark on all journeys in this life.

Raido represents the right path being chosen. If you are traveling and Raido is present, you can assure yourself that your choices are righteous and just, and that you’re in control of your momentum towards achieving your goals. Meditate on this rune to find your true path, and always remember to do what feels right to you. Fate is always at work, pulling on the strings of our existence. With practice you will learn ways to bend and shape the odds in your favor, and the tools to persevere when you’re “in over your head.”

Raido represents being smart and calculated on your journeys. Don’t expect this rune to work for you if you don’t put any work into staying safe and coherent while traveling. Remember to retain control of your propulsion toward your destinations and do not become careless. We must be tactical and precise in our journey if we want the powers of this rune to work. Don’t forget to apply this rune to your overall lifestyle, and always use caution when traveling into new places.

Raido is the rhythm of time, life, and represents the tempo of the universe. In order to connect to this, we must be rhythmic in our own lives as well. We must form habits with equal intervals to establish tradition, thus mirroring the patterns of nature. The rhythm of the natural order exists like the very air we breathe, and it must be recognized in order to find balance and control within this life. Raido is control over our momentum and propulsion; the reins of the chariot within our soul.

Raido can be viewed as the system of trials and tests we must endure to become what/who we are supposed to be. Through these trials and journeys we find our true selves and begin to recognize the Ancient Truth in everything around us. Our perspective grows with every new territory conquered, physical or metaphysical, and we must conquer certain aspects of our lives in order to find truth and strength within ourselves. Use Raido to find these truths, they await you on your journeys!

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