Berkano – Rune of Celebration

Berkano is a rune of Spring, fertility, and celebrations. It represents the family, joyous occasions, and is a sign of good luck and new beginnings. Berkano means “Birch” and represents the resurrection (or birth) of new life after the decline of the Ice Ages. When practiced and applied, this rune will bring happiness, good fortune, and growth. Berkano represents all new creations and life, internal or external, as well as the “birth” of all new ideas and inventions.

Berkano can represent the beginning of a new relationship or journey, the time when things are exciting, fresh, and unknown. Berkano represents a time of bliss and refreshment from the mundane day to day stagnation of domesticated, modern living. Look to this rune for hope, rejuvenation, and fresh starts. Berkano is a positive omen to have on display in any household; for it encourages peace, prosperity, and festivity within.

Berkano can be a symbol for birth of both the mind and flesh. It is the love felt for your family and its’ creations, as well as a celebration of the innate qualities of each individual. When a family or partnership is existing in perfect balance, the powers of Berkano will radiate therein and continue to nourish those it shines upon. Look to this rune for serenity and good fortune in places of living, art or business.

Berkano teaches us to be trusting and protective of our lovers, tribes, and families. It insists that we do not let selfishness or weakness spoil the love and connections in our lives. It is the silent and graceful power of dependence upon one another; an exchange that should be viewed in a positive light. This dependence is one that enhances the grand balance in one’s life and ascends us to new heights of the spirit. Berkano is a doorway to the grand celebration of life and its’ creative powers; a path we must all travel and understand to be granted our ascension to the eternal Throne of Enlightenment.

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