Ingwaz – Rune of Cultivation

Ingwaz represents sacred space, centered energy and cultivated potential. In this closed space, we must ruminate on our intuitions, our ideas, and our goals. This rune represents the planning stages of any future actions or objectives; the time when we must focus all our energy inward to cultivate powerful ideas and creations. When meditating on Ingwaz, all things become possible if the seeds of thought are sown, grown, and nurtured.

Ingwaz is a rune of self-improvement and spiritual cultivation. It’s a power that forces you to look inward and review yourself from a critical and internal perspective. In this state we can direct energies toward areas where we want to gain more knowledge in, places we lack skill in, or places we’d like to improve in. When applied correctly, Ingwaz will supply us with a sacred enclosure (physically and mentally) where we can contemplate upon all questions of purpose and destiny.

Ingwaz can also represent the household; the sacred place where we cultivate our families and our lives. The household should be a fertile place with lots of life growing and thriving within and around it. Have children, plant gardens, and encourage wildlife into your sphere. Raise animals, keep bees, and live simply off the land, wherever you can. When we do this, we heal ourselves, our past, and nature itself.

Ingwaz is the rune of Frey/Ing/Yngvi. It is a rune of internalized and stored energy, representing the gestation periods of the Earth. We must personally mimic these patterns of growth and refinement at certain times in our lives to fall into rhythm with the changing seasons. Following the patterns of nature internally helps us grow and ascend into new levels of being. Ingwaz is that period of planning and sowing within ourselves, a time when everything builds up and begins to thrive. Use it to help develop your ideas, plans, and purpose.

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