Hagalaz : Rune of Change

Hagalaz represents the uncontrollable and unpredictable fury of nature. Whether it be sudden changes in the weather or the workings of the spirit, Hagalaz symbolizes destructive and chaotic energies brought about quickly and abruptly. You must be strong and determined to reach the end of these storms, but the tribulations you endure will be your key to the new dawn and calm serenity. Consult and meditate on Hagalaz when sudden harsh changes are bred in your life and remember that these tempests will pass.

Hagalaz represents the storms of hail and ice that our ancestors had to brave every year, sometimes lasting for weeks on end. In the most unfortunate cases, crops, livestock, and even people were destroyed by these “violent” changes of nature. The promise of Spring kept their spirits high enough to push forward and not let the workings of nature deter them from the goal of survival. We need to take this lesson and apply it to all hardships in our own lives; not allowing sudden and radical changes to cripple us in our tracks. We are always at the mercy of nature and sometimes we must meet with full force the destructive energies of its’ creation.

At times, and in order to rebalance, in these instances of chaos and confusion brought about by radical change, we must respond with equally radical solutions. Changes in habit and lifestyle are good things to consider in these situations, and a sheer force of will must be expelled to overcome the obstacles laid before you. Learning how to control these chaotic energies and maneuver them into productive energy is where the wisdom and magic of Hagalaz lies.

I encourage you to brave the storm and welcome chaos with strength and zeal. Learn how to use its energies to your advantage, manipulating it into creation for your benefit. Some, if not all the most important growth comes from quarrels with chaos. If you learn to command it without being crushed in the process, you will achieve all your goals and attain anything you desire. Never crumble in the face of chaos, for it is the ladder to transcendence.

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