Book Review: The Troll Inside You: Paranormal Activity in the Medieval North

If you are interested in Norse magic, witchcraft, and the supernatural, then this book will be a good addition to your shelf.

The writing style is a bit difficult to get used to, but the book is packed full of philosophy regarding Trolls, Odin, sorcery, and various occult topics.

There are a lot of excellent folk stories to dive into here, as well as a good amount of etymological and mythological analysis.

Jakobsson does a great job displaying some of the cultural and sociological aspects within the lives and minds of the medieval Icelander. You can really get a glimpse of the psyche of these people within the context of the time period in which they lived.

“The Troll Inside You” is an entertaining and insightful display of research regarding paranormal Germanic Pagan forces, especially when talking about the infamous Troll and its many emanations and functions.

All in all, this book is unique and well done. There’s a lot here that you won’t find other places. Not to mention, having all this information in one place is a great gift to all who are studying these topics.

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