Book Review: The Nine Doors of Midgard

When it comes to modern (and easily accessible) works on Paganism, Thorsson’s “Nine Doors of Midgard” is probably the most complete and well done piece that gives one a truly robust and challenging curriculum to follow.

The reading list for each door is great and the overall outline will no doubt send you down a path of runic gnosis if you apply the practices and theories to your life.

As I said in a recent post, there are many “Left Hand Paths” within Paganism. I would argue that this curriculum would fall under that category and perhaps may not be useful to someone not skilled in wandering the “darker” or more esoteric places of spiritual practice.

This curriculum is very much oriented at developing the Higher Self through various techniques, fulfillments and requirements; requiring the student to maintain strict discipline and structure throughout the process in order to gain access to the secrets concealed behind each “door.”

Like most books I share, I feel this book is useful in constructing a more broad awareness and perception regarding spirituality, especially Paganism in particular.

Further, I would argue that no shelf on Paganism is complete without a copy of this on it.

May all sentient beings take up the runes.

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