3,6,9 Rune Poem

Fe is wealth,

That can always be weighed,

Gold and cattle, the fee that is paid.

Ur is strength,

Endurance of oxen,

Slag from iron, waste from creation.

Thurs are old,

Primordial beings,

Within wisdom ancient, all is kept.

Oss is god,

Animation of flesh,

Wind of the body, force of the breath.

Reid is Thor,

Defender of Midgard,

Order treads on the roads of chaos.

Kaun is pain,

Deep fire in the gut,

When anxiety strikes, it is hot.

Hagal stone,

Falling fast from heaven,

Destruction rife within brief moments.

Naud can kill,

Nail in the coffin,

Or salvation for the sorcerer.

Iss is sword,

Clear and bright as the air,

Focus is frozen, slowing motion.

Ar is time,

Turning wheel of sun,

Arching up toward movement in time.

Sol the body,

Of radiant fire,

Destroy impurities of the soul.

Tyr is fair,

Cool grace of the soldier,

According to law, He is the judge.

Bjarkan calls,

In winter and spring,

Within it lies the heart of the flame.

Madr wakes,

If guided as children,

By the teachings of the All-Father.

Lagu runs,

Through mountains and valleys,

In veins and in roots, blood of the Earth.

Yr is aged,

Sometimes thousands of years,

Tension is building; transfer of life.

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