New Book Coming Soon!

Another flawless piece of art has been delivered via Ioan Eofor , I could not be happier with the collaboration. I have ordered the final test copy for part two of the new rune book triad which will feature this as the cover. “Hagal’s Aett” will cover the second row of Elder Futhark runes in... Continue Reading →

Personal Book Copies Restocked

"Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna: European Sorcery and Divination" copies back in stock, limited quantity.This batch was printed during Yule 2022.Each copy comes signed and includes a handmade bookmark and rune.Hailaz

3,6,9 Rune Poem

Fe is wealth, That can always be weighed, Gold and cattle, the fee that is paid. Ur is strength, Endurance of oxen, Slag from iron, waste from creation. Thurs are old, Primordial beings, Within wisdom ancient, all is kept. Oss is god, Animation of flesh, Wind of the body, force of the breath. Reid is... Continue Reading →

Runic Possession

ᚠ Fe can be prison, If one isn’t wise, For all of desire, Wears its’ disguise, If made in masses, One takes his chances, Without it he would- Most certainly rot. ᚢ Ur is the kettle, Steaming on fire, Screaming with fury, Sounds of creation, Hoof in the soil, Horns up at heaven, Creature of... Continue Reading →

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