Full Book Restock

All books have been restocked in very limited quantities.

They will come signed and include a handmade bookmark.

Rune books will include a handmade rune as well.



2 thoughts on “Full Book Restock

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  1. You’d asked me an indeterminate number of blogposts to let you know what I thought of Hahalruna, which I have since read.

    I liked it. Which doesn’t smack of constructive criticism, but you have inspired me to take up the Younger Futhark- which is no mean feat given my weddedness to the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Your intuitive systems are interesting, and the idea of synthesising Ogham and Futhark is one I’ve had but lack the knowledge to pursue.

    Which led me to questions. Why did the Futhark shrink? Is it as the Uthark suggests- to facilitate a return to Ođinn’s primal Rune Row? Is it merely the grammar shift? Does the shifting syntax of a people betray the motions of a God, vis-a-vis Jung’s Wotan?

    Have you read the Apophis Club’s short primer of Ogham? It posits a kind of Ogham script not unlike Runic or Etruscan, which I find far less mystifying than the tree writing. Perhaps I lack sufficient Celtic DNA to overcome the Anglo hump which makes the Celtic writing and syntax seem wholly unique.

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    1. The only theories I have regarding the shrinking of the Futhark were to either re-mystify them or that both systems were in use simultaneously. In reality, there were so many tribal/regional variants that futharks or rune alphabets seem to “bleed” into one another as they move from place to place.

      There’s some recent studies showing interesting things regarding the migrations around the areas the runes were in use. Survive the Jive just did a talk on this with Sturla Ellingvag, from what I took away, I think instead of the common thought that runes went up into Scandinavia, that it’s possible two cultures (I believe battle-axe and bell-beaker) met in the middle there around Denmark and mixed. I will need to rewatch to clarify, but that could be why there is such a radical difference in the expression of runes.

      Ogham I am studying but am a beginner at. From what I have read it seems to have only really been used in marking territory aside from being used by Druids only.

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the book. I have a new 3-part rune series in the works. The first book should be out in a few weeks and covers the first 8 Elder runes in very close detail. You will enjoy.


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