Introductory Reading Recommendations on Germanic Paganism Part. 2

For those looking for further reading recommendations on pre-Christian Germanic culture, here’s a few more books that I found useful on the journey:

– “Teutonic Mythology” by Jacob Grimm.

– “Barbarian Rites” by Hasenfratz.

– “Runic and Heroic Poems of the Old Teutonic Peoples” Dickins editions.

For those who like a quick informative read, “Barbarian Rites” would be a good book to check out. I found the research on the “Sib” to be interesting, among other things. It breaks the basics down into clear language that most people should be able to understand, in short concise chapters.

I’ll be compiling a full list of reading materials for those interested and putting it up on the substack, PDF links will be included if available. Make sure to subscribe there to keep up to date, a few things will be posted there next week in particular.

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