Isaz – Rune of Ice

Isaz is the rune of ice, frost, and timeless stillness. It emits cold and frigid energies, glistening with beauty and gem-like radiance. This serene state of being, symbolized by ice, is a metaphor for mastery over focus and concentration; concrete and locked in place. Isaz is a great rune to enhance clarity, composure, and focus.... Continue Reading →

Wunjo – Rune of Joy

Wunjo is a rune of joy, ecstasy, serenity, and pleasure. It radiates blissful happiness and uplifting feelings of goodness. Wunjo is smiles, laughter, fun, entertainment, amusement, and enjoyment. Like Ansuz, Wunjo is associated with Shamanic trance, as this “ecstasy” is what takes hold of the sorcerer’s spirit on their journey. Wunjo is prosperity, good fortune,... Continue Reading →

Gebo – Rune of Exchange

Gebo represents the mutual exchange of gifts between individuals. It shows a connection and reciprocated respect between people who have accepted each other as extensions of themselves. True friends and allies become extra dimensions of our own personality and greater image. They are our teammates and kinsfolk in the grand experience of life. Gebo has... Continue Reading →

Sowilo – Rune of the Sun

Sowilo represents the victorious and glorious powers of the sun; that which brings light and creation to life. Sowilo represents strength and solar power; a bolt of lightning striking your soul with the golden light of triumph. Sowilo illuminates the darkest places in our souls, making them known and conquerable. It is a rune of... Continue Reading →

Ehwaz – Rune of Transport

Ehwaz is the rune of transportation and the transport, in whatever form it takes. In the time this rune was used, it was a symbol of the horse, the most common vessel of transportation. Because of this connection, it’s also a symbol of trust. Our modes of transport have always been things we’ve had to... Continue Reading →

Tiwaz – Rune of Order

Tiwaz is the rune of the great and ancient Sky God. This force governs victory, justice, and order among mankind. Tiwaz brings purpose and reason to us, offering a balance to the opposing powers of chaos and confusion. Tiwaz is a celestial power that neutralizes and combats the earthy, primitive, and chaotic forces governing the... Continue Reading →

Raido – Rune of Travel

Raido is the rune of travel, journey, and exploration. This rune should accompany you on all major trips across the land or sea, spirit or mind; for it will keep you safe and help you stay your course. Raido represents a change of space and environment, a time of growth and excitement when perception is... Continue Reading →

Ansuz – Rune of the Breath

Ansuz is the rune of Odin, the rune of the ancestral spirit. This rune can be used to invoke divine knowledge, wisdom, and messages directly from the Gods or ancestors. Ansuz acts as a compass by guiding you to the wisdom of your bloodline. Focus on insight and communication with the past when meditating with... Continue Reading →

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