Gebo – Rune of Exchange

Gebo represents the mutual exchange of gifts between individuals. It shows a connection and reciprocated respect between people who have accepted each other as extensions of themselves. True friends and allies become extra dimensions of our own personality and greater image. They are our teammates and kinsfolk in the grand experience of life.

Gebo has no negative connotations. It symbolizes the construction of alliances and bonds between individuals. Through mutual actions, respect, and trust, these bonds of brotherhood and partnership are formed and upheld. Gebo is the exchange shared between those who these partnerships are made; an ebb and flow of giving and receiving. However, always make sure your sacrifice or exchange is being reciprocated; otherwise, the powers of Gebo will vanish and your energy will be drained from you.

Gebo represents the trading of skills, powers, and ideas. If you desire to know something an ally does, it is best to find out what you can offer in exchange for their knowledge. Learning something takes a lot of time and energy; the many hours one person spends learning a subject another person has spent on others, so why not share this hard work for the mutual benefit of both parties?

 If your circle grows collectively, vigorously, and engages in different skill sets, then your tribe will be infinitely more powerful, effective, and self-sufficient. Every member should be a master of something and every member should be putting in the hours every day to excel in his or her own areas of expertise. Sharing ideas between members will keep everyone intelligent, engaged, and thirsty for knowledge. Gebo is equal sacrifice between individuals for the progression of the tribe or group.

Mutual sacrifice is one of the most powerful forms of Gebo next to the passing of cherished objects from one person to another. Gebo is that feeling we have when we must give someone we love something that we care most about. Anytime someone goes out of their way to give us something they’ve made or means something to them, it creates a special bond that cannot be bought; only cherished and reciprocated. Gebo is love, gratification, and appreciation for those you care about; it should be honored and always held in high esteem.

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