Sowilo – Rune of the Sun

Sowilo represents the victorious and glorious powers of the sun; that which brings light and creation to life. Sowilo represents strength and solar power; a bolt of lightning striking your soul with the golden light of triumph. Sowilo illuminates the darkest places in our souls, making them known and conquerable. It is a rune of great confidence, like the ever-powerful sun above.

Sowilo is a sharp and potent energy source. Almost any act of overcoming or ascending reflects this source-energy. It radiates through the driven and focused, through the powerful and enlightened. This golden energy source is wrought with strength and power of Will, radiating clarity and focus unto us. With full confidence in our path and vision, we can move forward towards the Throne of Enlightenment and reap the bounties of our ascension.

Sowilo is triumph over darkness and the destruction of shadows. It beams through all spaces and illuminates all things. This cosmic light has been worshiped across all cultures worldwide and we are its’ eternal children. Mankind is a solar species, unable to survive without the suns’ golden rays of beauty. We thrive in the suns presence and await its’ return eagerly, year after year.

Sowilo is a rune of great spiritual vitality. Where Uruz is the rune of physical strength, Sowilo gives our spirit the same intense qualities of strength and endurance, soaking our being in eternal light-strength. Sowilo acts as a link between the sun and the soul, connecting us internally to the burning God in the sky; the ever-spinning solar wheel. Mankind has always depended on this force and would surely fall into extinction without it.

Sowilo is a rune of thriving and superior health. Sunlight has endless healing abilities and provides us with UVB (Ultra-Violet B Rays). Our bodies turn this into valuable Vitamin D, something we cannot live without. Sunlight also provides us with Serotonin, something we need to feel focused, calm, and accomplished. Sunlight provides us with a healthy body and mind; we must never forget to use this source-energy when available to us.

Sowilo guides us in all directions as we journey across the Earth, and it deserves our praise often. As long as our species walks the Earth, we will require this force and continue to bask in its’ glory. We are children of the sun and Sowilo calls us home. Hail the Sun, the ever-spinning wheel!

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