Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya

When meditating on Shiva/Rudra, it is important not to confuse the deity with ego. We should never impose our current (lower) self on the visualization that we create/invoke during deity yoga. If one already thinks they are perfect, what’s the point in trying to change, grow, or spiritually develop?

The point of forming/inviting the deity during meditation is to purify or destroy obstacles within one’s mind, receive blessings or protection, or to approach the deity as one would approach a mother, father, or guru for advice, confession, and guidance.

This process is to be visualized within the practitioner’s mind, requiring immense focus and discipline to construct more elaborate images of our deity in focus, allowing for further symbolic potency and generation of enlightened activity. It is important to pay attention to visions or details that arise and meditate on them further later.

Because visions and epiphanies can be hard to analyze on our own in the preliminary stages of practice, it is recommended to seek a teacher when practicing deeper levels of tantra in order to maintain correct interpretation and application of the results of the practice, as it is a much “riskier” system of training than non-tantric forms of meditation.

Mistreating tantric practices or using them only for personal gain is a sure way to send oneself into lower states of being, and further, into rebirths of great suffering. It is much easier to get oneself lost in these “darker” areas than those who wander the “lighter”, more trodden paths.

In conclusion, the point here is to focus all awareness on the deity or guru, allowing a stream of communication to form between yourself and the deity. One practices this “external” type of visualization until one is ready to move to the next step, which is absorbing the deity in ones being, essentially replacing the tainted properties of our unawakened state with the higher qualities of either deity, guru, or yidam.

This is a basic summary of introductory deity/guru yoga practice.

May all beings benefit.

Hailaz / Namaste

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