Shiva Prayer

Reverence to the Non-Dual, Eternally still and beyond the reach of time, Unchanging tranquility and perfect awareness, Where death and space are nonexistent. May all beings see, and recognize Self, In others, animals, trees and all. Hailaz / Namaste

Ansuz Society – Vol.1

We are very happy to bring you our first volume of songs. This collection includes 8 tracks in total: Ginnaną Ingwaleuþa Om Namah Shivaya Manigaldr Augjan Gautaz Aldarūnōgaldraz (Elder Rune Song) Om Cham Chandraya Namaha Lagugaldraz The album has been arranged according to the flow of feeling and energy. If you want to purchase the... Continue Reading →


Shiva represents the higher Self within all beings; that which transcends the flesh and connects us all to the source. Shiva is the origin, the permanent aspect of conscious reality; the eternal point of stillness in a constant sea of changes. Shiva is rhythm, abundance, and divine union; the almighty vibration at the core of... Continue Reading →

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