Book Review: Bhagavad Gita

Fantastic text regarding the nature of Dharma, the Self, and each individuals specific purpose in life.

In particular, the Gita offers profound insight into the nature of action and personal “duty”, or in this context, personal Dharma. It teaches one to act in accordance with their sacred role and to disregard/abandon any attachment to the rewards/fruits of an action.

Through this teaching, one becomes fully aware, confident and present in their tasks, not letting a goal or reward taint the process of actually “doing” or completing something.

Unlike the universal Dharma which is taught by Buddhists, Hindu’s generally believe that each person has an individual Dharma to fulfill or complete, based in accordance with one’s circumstances and position in the world.

In this way, a persons actions must be in union with their personal Dharma, viewed as sacred functions in a greater “scheme.”

Easwaran gives valuable analysis and insight into the nature of these writings, offering a quick digestion of the material between each chapter.

Not only does he offer insight on the metaphysical, but he gives good cultural insight as well, giving westerners a more genuine view of how these writings apply to the people, culture, and minds of those who they are familiar to.

May all sentient beings engage Dharma practice in some way.

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