Purpose, Law, Karma

Much of our suffering in life comes from trying to do too much. 

“Doing” implies a creation of Karmic chains, whether good or bad, that will have to be mended at some point in time.

However, by doing only what is necessary, it is possible to sever the roots of future Karma.

Finding out what is truly necessary applies to one’s individual Dharma (law/purpose).

This can be pinpointed through meditating on attachments and desires. 

Find out what your highest Self (untainted by ego) desires to accomplish in the physical world, accomplish it, then begin your exit from Samsara, like the wind exiting the body. 

This is one aspect of the ancient teaching of “non-doing.”

Do what you must, then do no more.

This is a way to show compassion to all beings.  

Hailaz / Namaste