Book Review: Heart Drops of Kuntuzangpo

A fantastic work regarding Bon “Great Completion” meditation, although, not recommended for someone who is new to Eastern religion.

Many elements of the Bon religion predate Buddhism in Tibet. However, it has been officially recognized in its modern form as the 5th school of Tibetan Buddhism.

In the past, Bonpo’s were ridiculed for being practitioners of black magic and sorcery, although, this seems to be propaganda generated for the assistance in the conversion of Tibetans to Buddhism. Most of this ridicule was due to the (old) Bon practices of animal sacrifice.

This book offers detailed instructions on “Clear Light” meditation as well as information about the death process, the Bardo, and the transferring of consciousness (Phowa). It also presents the Dharmakaya as a “primordial awareness/wisdom,” which is easier for the Westerner to understand than some other terminology used like “emptiness” or “Buddhahood.”

For Pagans, studying Bon is a good way to introduce oneself to more complex meditation practices while also paying homage to ones tribal or geographical gods. For instance, prior to a meditation session, one would pay homage to a mountain god or whatever was necessary for protection in one’s location. One pays homage to the worldly gods (sometimes) prior to ones Yidam.

Even though this work is relatively short, it will certainly take multiple reads to fully digest and begin to put into practice. If you are serious about your meditation practice and would like more instructions, then this book will be of immeasurable benefit to you.

May this brief recommendation be of use to sentient beings.

Hailaz / Namaste

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