Augjan Gautaz

A new track has been added to our YouTube channel and our first digital compilation will be released Jan. 6th in honor of the Wolf Moon.  This is a meditation track for invoking Gautaz; Odin’s title in the Gothic tongue.  Gautaz can be translated to “The One Who Flows Out.” Augjan means “to show” or... Continue Reading →

Further Analysis of the Laguz Rune

Laguz ᛚ / L Laguz is the rune of liquid. In Proto-Germanic, laguz means “water, sea, ocean, or wetness.” Other Proto-Germanic names of this rune include lahō (lake, pond, puddle), and laukaz (leek). When we look for roots in this word, we reach the proto-Indo-European lókus, meaning a “pool or pond.” With these various forms,... Continue Reading →

Odin, Knowledge, Sacrifice

Like Odin, our search for knowledge coincides with how much we are willing to sacrifice in order to develop our higher Self. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. Hailaz / Namaste


Shiva represents the higher Self within all beings; that which transcends the flesh and connects us all to the source. Shiva is the origin, the permanent aspect of conscious reality; the eternal point of stillness in a constant sea of changes. Shiva is rhythm, abundance, and divine union; the almighty vibration at the core of... Continue Reading →

Thoughts, Wind, and Odin

Learning to control attachment over one’s inner winds (thoughts) is one layer of Odinic meditation. Stop trying to “control” your thoughts. This will only cause anguish. Instead, practice control over your attachments and reactions to thoughts, making them powerless over your being. Hailaz / Namaste

Samhain Hails!

Tonight, the homes of the living shall become the halls of the dead. We melt into timeless forms, becoming faceless in the darkness. I wish you health, wholeness, freedom and fulfillment. And to all beings in the tree, may you achieve all that you seek in this life. Hailaz ᛟ : ᚾ : ᛞ Photo... Continue Reading →

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