Ansuz – Rune of the Breath

Ansuz is the rune of Odin, the rune of the ancestral spirit. This rune can be used to invoke divine knowledge, wisdom, and messages directly from the Gods or ancestors. Ansuz acts as a compass by guiding you to the wisdom of your bloodline. Focus on insight and communication with the past when meditating with this rune. Listen to your innate wisdom. Remember that the answers to most, if not all the things you need or want to know, already exist inside of you and are waiting to be unlocked.

Ansuz is the rune of words, speech, and communication. It represents the development of language, sound, and the raw mechanics of verbal communication. Clarity and potency of thought are things to always consider and strive for, and effective application of speech when communicating thoughts should be valued and practiced. Our use and knowledge of language is a divine gift, and we must honor it to the fullest potential. The ability to understand and manipulate sound is one of the main aspects of rune magic, as they contain ancient “seed-sounds” that must be vocalized to be fully understood.

Ansuz teaches us to be intelligent and sagacious, to be open to council and seek advice from those who are wiser. Consider all advice given to you from those who are older and/or more learned. Consider it a gift that they are willing to pass their knowledge and experience on to you. We must remember that learning anything is hard work and takes time; therefor, knowledge is a form of infinite wealth and abundance. Accept new ideas into your life and consider it a blessing; sometimes words and ideas can be worth their weight in gold (physically and metaphysically). Never disrespect the Elders and always hold their wisdom in high regard.

Ansuz represents the passing of the breath of life along the ancestral line. It is the gift from your ancestors (Odin) to you, and through you to the next. Ansuz symbolizes our direct ancestry to the Gods themselves and is a pathway to the endless memory of the Blood Well. We are directly descended from these Gods of old; men and woman who immortalized themselves as the archetypes of humanities expression. Ansuz is our means of communication with them and their story, the history of our blood and immortal soul.

Dagaz : Rune of Enlightenment

The hidden power of the Dagaz rune rests in those faint instances when esoteric knowledge enters you like a bolt of lightning, revealing inexpressible truths that before seemed unattainable, now appearing crystal clear. In these instances, we discover immense wisdom within ourselves and insight into the dynamic patterns of existence. Dagaz is identical to the dawn of each new day by vanquishing the darkness of the night, bringing in new beginning.

Dagaz is seeing the dots around you connect into a grand image or finding the keys to the metaphysical doors of your ancient memory. Each of these sporadic occurrences with Dagaz will fill a gap in the grand puzzle of your existence and illuminate your vision of the Ancient Truth. Dagaz is the rune of enlightenment and ultimate awareness, the final gift of Odin. Dagaz can be associated with all forms of revelation, being direct gifts from the Highest forms.

Dagaz has no negative attributes associated with it. All encounters with Dagaz deliver positive messages such as wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment. Striving for these moments will always be beneficial and we must search for them actively. Through things like music, meditation, and ritual, we can reach these higher states of being, broadening our perception of the cosmos with every occurrence. When looking for change and improvement, it is wise to gravitate towards Dagaz and meditate on its’ functions. Follow your intuition.

Dagaz symbolizes our ascension into a higher consciousness. It’s a flirting with the mind of the universe and the ancient past. Through the conscious working of this rune, we can attain all the metaphysical truth(s) that we desire, no matter how mysterious or shrouded in darkness they may seem. Through patience, dedication, force of will and meditation, all mystical paths shall be illuminated. Dagaz is the end of the Futhark but also marks the beginning of a new era, full of new possibilities. May your forbearance and determination bring you all that you desire in this world, and may your spirit rise above the modern decay.