Gothic Language Book Recommendation

For those interested in Germanic Paganism, this is an excellent source for poetry and devotional hymns in the Gothic language.

This includes songs and invocations to archaic forms of Odin, Thor, Freyr, Frigga, and many other familiar divinities.

Although these are modern pieces, they hold within them a genuine love and respect for the Pagan faith, something old in spirit and reminiscent of days long gone.

It is important that we honor those who carry the torches of tradition and wisdom through the ages; those who sacrifice their time and effort to bring gifts like this to us.

Art, poetry, and song are ways to ensure that aspects of culture and religion are not completely lost to time, as so much of the Northern European religion has been lost since the days of Pagan dominance.

More people should take up poetry in this regard, as through poetry, art and music, the Northern religion will prevail once again and the Great Tree will continue to grow back to its glorious primordial heights.

May all beings benefit from devotion.

Voluspo/Völuspá (Full Poem, 66 Verses)

English language (Bellows translation) recitation of the poem “Voluspo” from the Poetic Edda.

This is meant to be used as a tool for you and your family/tribe to learn the poem by heart. 

May all beings embrace tradition. 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered December 2022 at Ansuz Society, Western New York.

All music and sounds by Ansuz Society.

No electronic instruments were used in the making of these songs.

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Hailaz / Namaste

Augjan Gautaz

A new track has been added to our YouTube channel and our first digital compilation will be released Jan. 6th in honor of the Wolf Moon. 

This is a meditation track for invoking Gautaz; Odin’s title in the Gothic tongue. 

Gautaz can be translated to “The One Who Flows Out.”

Augjan means “to show” or “appear.”

Use as needed to bring forth Odinic forces. 

Hailaz / Namaste 

Samhain Hails!

Tonight, the homes of the living shall become the halls of the dead.

We melt into timeless forms, becoming faceless in the darkness.

I wish you health, wholeness, freedom and fulfillment.

And to all beings in the tree,

may you achieve all that you seek in this life.


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Photo by my sister Sophie Causey.