Reflections of the Summer Solstice

When the Sol, Is at its’ peak, Its’ hidden power, Starts to seep. Into hearts, And into souls,  Igniting fires, New and old. And like the flame, It burns away, Every woe,  This longest day.  (And sometimes fire, Pierces through, The hearts of that,  Which fetters you.) We rise to meet, That golden dawn, The... Continue Reading →

Evocation of Runes

ᚠ : Fe is the weapon of Fro, Unusual trade for steel. ᚢ : Ur is a steaming kettle, Pool of ancient energy. ᚦ : Thurs is the might of thunder, Giant serpent in the depths. ᚬ : Oss is inspired speaking, Wind of wisdom calling thee. ᚱ : Reid is rhythm of the drum,... Continue Reading →

A Rhythm of Younger Runes

ᚠ Fe makes right, ᚠ Fe makes greed, ᚠ Just enough – is what we need. ᚢ Ur has hoof, ᚢ Ur has horn, ᚢ Mighty wild – eyes of scorn ᚦ Thurs are sharp, ᚦ Thurs are wise, ᚦ Ancient beings – in disguise. ᚬ Oss is wind, ᚬ Oss is wide, ᚬ Pointed... Continue Reading →

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