Book Review: Luminous Mind

If you already have a basic understanding of Eastern philosophy, this book will be a great addition to the shelf for those looking to delve deeper into (Tibetan) Buddhism. Although the Tibetan language is not part of the Indo-European language family, the foundations of Buddhism were created by Sanskrit speaking (IE) peoples, making it part... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Aghora I,II,III

Fun, bizarre, and unorthodox reads from Dr. Robert Svoboda. These track some of his accounts in India and the teachings of his guru, the Aghori master Vimalananda. In a way, these read like Carlos Castaneda books, although through the words of a Tantric Shaivite. The Aghori path shows that not all roads to liberation are... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Þursakyngi II, Loki

There are a few different “Left Hand Path” schools of paganism that some may find easier to digest than others. The Thursatru faith is one of these paths and presents an interesting form of practice based on “Thursian” gods and forces. Depending on your background, there are many things here that one may wish to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Nine Doors of Midgard

When it comes to modern (and easily accessible) works on Paganism, Thorsson’s “Nine Doors of Midgard” is probably the most complete and well done piece that gives one a truly robust and challenging curriculum to follow. The reading list for each door is great and the overall outline will no doubt send you down a... Continue Reading →

Ansuz Society – Vol.3

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ansuz Society, 2023. Full album available for download via the “music” tab on our website. Please allow 24 hours for us to send the download link to you. May all beings benefit from these sounds. Tracklist : Fehu Galdr Ritual of the Wolf Om Ah Hum Sing to the... Continue Reading →

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