Gautis Fraujō (Lady of Gaut)

We’re very happy to bring you this new song dedicated to the goddess Frigga/Freyja. Although debated, we hold the belief that Freyja and Frigga are two faces of the same goddess; Freyja being a later form of the goddess with various versions of Frigga preceding her throughout the Germanic speaking world. Some of these names... Continue Reading →

Augjan Gautaz

A new track has been added to our YouTube channel and our first digital compilation will be released Jan. 6th in honor of the Wolf Moon.  This is a meditation track for invoking Gautaz; Odin’s title in the Gothic tongue.  Gautaz can be translated to “The One Who Flows Out.” Augjan means “to show” or... Continue Reading →

Reflections of the Winter Solstice

Blood on the Birch, cold was the night wind and snow, to and fro… Gaut of the North, rides on the wind traveling high, and down again. Beyond the smoke, beyond the flames disappear, within the dusk… beyond our shapes, beyond our names begin anew, from ash of luck. Oak and Cherry, Apple and Spruce... Continue Reading →

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