Irreplaceability, Mastery, and Glory

All men really want is to be irreplaceable. Mans higher purpose is to become a master of something… a professional at X, a genius on Y, an authority on Z. When it comes down to it, men want nothing more than to become irreplaceable. They want to know that no one can fill their shoes;... Continue Reading →

Algiz Maenon

For those that don’t know, my better half and I run a small Pagan oddities shop called Algiz Maenon. We carry animal bones, handmade runes, raw materials, books, music and more. Check us out via the “Bones and Craft” link in the menu.


Hailaz Walpurgisnacht! However you choose to celebrate the next couple days, do it with your full attention. Meditate on life in its myriad forms. Banish any fetters holding you down in the damp halls of Hel. Personally, we will be preparing a part of the homestead for the return of our patron deity of peace,... Continue Reading →

Another cycle has begun.

The internal fires (ᛋ) have been lit.  The torch (ᚲ) has been acquired.  The dead (ᚨ) walk with us,  side by side,  ahead and behind.  With full stomachs and full hearts. (ᚠ) Spirit becomes flame against the long night. We will endure (ᚢ) all (ᛈ) with open arms, as we journey towards the Throne (ᛟ). The... Continue Reading →

Imbolc and the Winter Goddess

According to Celtic legends, if February 1st brings bad weather, then the Winter Goddess Cailleach is sleeping and Spring will arrive early. However, if the weather is mild, then the Winter Goddess is out looking for firewood, ensuring a longer duration of Winter. So, dress warm, grab your snow shovels, and let us all revel... Continue Reading →

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