Perthro – Rune of Fate

Perthro represents mysteries, the unknown, and forces at work beyond our understanding. It represents innate powers that we are unconscious of; unlocked over time by the workings of fate. The secrets of our destinies lie within this rune, and it can be seen as the rune of the Norns; the rulers of the past, present, and future of man. Perthro is the key to altering this destiny if applied correctly.

Perthro represents the secrets of existence we have yet to understand; the depths of the mind and soul which we have not yet deciphered. These mysteries are things we can unlock with right action and right application of Will; tests and trials for discovering the powers within oneself. Within Perthro rests the fathoms of our being, and through practice with the runes we will see every secret illuminated, and every mystery unclouded.

Perthro, in my opinion, is related to the Laguz () rune, and can show us to be patient and “go with the flow” of time. We cannot control everything and much has already been predetermined before we were born; don’t try and force unreasonable situations upon the world or yourself. Make sure your energy is used and cultivated in a critical and calculated way.

Perthro can be viewed as the “game” of life. When we are born (potentially from the womb of Perthro) we enter into a game of chance and risk; a game of probabilities. This game is played out upon the web of fate; the Web of Urd. Perthro can be used as a tool to change the courses of fate and probability, potentially altering the web in our favor.

Perthro should be meditated on when we have to leave the results of a situation for chance to decide. It is associated with the forces of luck, probability, and gambling. With the aspect of gambling in mind, it is wise to consult this rune when we count on the forces of luck or fate to be in our utmost favor.

Perthro is the rune of runes, meaning the rune of secrets. It can be related to the Well of Mimir; the well that Odin sacrifices his eye into. In this well, all secrets and answers are kept and all mystery is illuminated. With Perthro, we can clearly see the things that have come to pass and the things that will potentially come to pass if the Web remains in its’ current state; that state being unaltered further by sorcery or other interference.

Isaz – Rune of Ice

Isaz is the rune of ice, frost, and timeless stillness. It emits cold and frigid energies, glistening with beauty and gem-like radiance. This serene state of being,  symbolized by ice, is a metaphor for mastery over focus and concentration; concrete and locked in place. Isaz is a great rune to enhance clarity, composure, and focus.

Isaz can also mean to kill or “make cold.” Like the motionless ice, the corpse also lays still and frozen. Isaz is a powerful addition to runespells of destruction or death; for it not only focuses the energy directly on the target, but it enhances any runes near it with this clear and focused intent. When paired with runes like Thurisaz (), it can create an intense spell of either defense or destruction.

Isaz is a direct communication with the frozen underworld, Niflheim. This realm of mist, fog, darkness, and ice is a place that exists within all of us; within our blood and spirit. This primordial darkness and cold is deep within our subconscious and DNA, locked deep within our memory. Our species experience of the desolate Ice Ages still haunt us to this day; recalling that sunless existence upon fields of ice. That experience has been imprinted on our genes, and our memories of that ancient darkness give us our appreciation for the light. For the light means nothing without the dark.

Isaz is akin to the very slow and  destructive movements of the ice upon the Earth. Ice appears still and calm, but it holds a ruinous power within. Ice is a slow and silent destructive force; one that sneaks up on you over years and years of steady, consistent movement. This consistency of movement shapes and carves the landscape around it, creating the vast arrays of mountains, valleys, and formations upon the land.

Isaz is a catalyst for memories; for it changes, locks, and transports them through time. States of physical being can be trapped within this force and carried through the ages, making them discoverable and tangible; almost unchanged by hundreds or thousands of years of stagnation. With this aspect in mind, we can feel confident in using Isaz to contact other ages and eras; using it as a conductor to access the frozen layers of the past. Meditation with Isaz can be powerful and enlightening, and it must be done to remember, access, and decipher the cold and desolate parts of the psyche.

Wunjo – Rune of Joy

Wunjo is a rune of joy, ecstasy, serenity and pleasure. This rune radiates blissful happiness and uplifting feelings of goodness. Wunjo is  smiles, laughter, fun, entertainment, amusement, and enjoyment.  Meditate on this rune to balance any detrimental energies of unhappiness within.

Wunjo is prosperity, good fortune and a protective omen of well being. When present, you can almost always associate it with good luck and good news. Wunjo radiates positivity in all ways, representing delight and gratification in life. Wunjo is the clear, calm, bliss of the soul.

Wunjo is a spell against anxiety, depression, and fear. Good health, meditation, and sleep will encourage its’ energies; allowing it to radiate from you in all directions. When we can achieve this constant flow of energy, we can begin to heal any habits that have led us astray. Wunjo is the hope (and rope) we use to climb out of the dark and uninhabitable places of the mind.

Wunjo represents the right choices and right paths chosen. The more right choices we make, the more we experience Wunjo. It is our reward for correct behavior and application of Will; the fruit of alchemical harmony within. Wunjo is fulfillment and satisfaction; the feeling of achievement. When we are victorious in life, we are reminded of this blissful phenomenon present in Wunjo.

Wunjo also represents love and its’ reciprocation. In instances of unconditional affection, we are transported beyond the reaches of our bodies; entering a timeless sphere of ecstasy. This is the metaphysical creation of Wunjo and a direct means of communication with its’ energies. The more habitual work you do with Wunjo, the more enjoyment you will see in your life. This is a holy act of self preservation.

Wunjo keeps us optimistic and enthusiastic, acting as a compass for us in hard times. Just like short whims of true joy, we are destined to feel equally crippling moments of sorrow and anguish. Wunjo is the promise of better days to come and the  beautiful reminder that emotions are impermanent; all things shall pass. All hope is never lost if you hold-fast in your efforts.

Jera – Rune of Harvest

Jera represents the harvesting of your previously cultivated endeavors and energies. Whether that be physical, mental, or spiritual energy, it is the reaping of what you have sown. Jera shows you that your hard work has paid off; a feeling of accomplishment that should bring celebration and confidence. Jera represents patience and allowing things to come into fruition in due time; paired with hard work and determination.

Jera is a symbol of happiness and peace, a beacon of prosperity and success. It allows us to bask in the rewards of our efforts and feel hopeful for the future. We are given confidence and hope each time we complete a cycle upon the Earth; reaping rewards as we carefully master its’ patterns and habits. This act of harvesting provides the strength and will to trudge through the rough winter months of the year, which closely follow the final harvests.

Jera (and the harvest cycle) is shown by the sowing of crops, the maintaining of their growth and health, and the reaping of their benefits. It represents the breaking open of germinated space that has been cultivated to fruition. Jera is a rune of natures patterns, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the year when we make our last stand with the sun against the draconian winter. Jera is our final chance to prepare ourselves for the season of darkness.

Jera represents a release of internalized energy. When we’ve carefully maneuvered our ideas internally (with scrutiny and confidence), we can finally allow them to come forward and be released. Jera is the breaking of that closed internal space; a release from the internal realm. Jera is an external propulsion of force towards your goals and the harvesting of your mental, physical, and spiritual labor.

The Earth is alive, and its’ cycles of death and rebirth are also mimicked within us. As much as we harvest physical bounty in the fall, we also harvest metaphysical and spiritual bounty along with it. Like the falling leaves, we must also fall and wither. We must “die” with the sun and maneuver the realms of darkness; awaiting our triumphant rebirth in the spring!

Gebo – Rune of Exchange

Gebo represents the mutual exchange of gifts between individuals. It shows a connection and reciprocated respect between people who have accepted each other as extensions of themselves. True friends and allies become extra dimensions of our own personality and greater image; teammates and kinsfolk in the grand experience of life.

Gebo has no negative connotations. It symbolizes the construction of alliances and bonds between individuals. Through mutual actions, respect, and trust, these bonds of brotherhood and partnership are formed and upheld. Gebo is the exchange shared between those who these partnerships are made; an ebb and flow of giving and receiving. However, always make sure your sacrifice or exchange is being reciprocated; otherwise the powers of Gebo will vanish between you and the other party, and your energy will be drained from you.

Gebo represents the trading of skills, powers, and ideas. If you desire to know something an ally does, it is best to find out what you can offer in exchange for their knowledge. Learning something takes a lot of time and energy; the many hours one person spends learning a subject another person has spent on others, so why not share this hard work for the mutual benefit of both parties?

 If your circle grows collectively, vigorously, and engages in different skill-sets, then your tribe will be infinitely more powerful, effective, and self sufficient. Every member should be a master of something, and every member should be putting in the hours everyday to excel in his or her own areas of expertise. Sharing ideas between members will keep everyone intelligent, skeptical, and thirsty for knowledge. Gebo is equal sacrifice between individuals for the progression of the tribe or group.

Mutual sacrifice is one of the most powerful forms of Gebo next to the passing of cherished objects from one person to another. Gebo is that feeling we have when we must give someone we love something that we care most about. Anytime someone goes out of their way to give us something they’ve made or  means something to them, it creates a special bond that cannot be bought; only cherished and reciprocated. Gebo is love, gratification, and appreciation for those you care about; it should be honored and always held in high esteem.

Thurisaz – Rune of Chaos

Thurisaz is a rune of immense power. Within it dwells the power of widespread destruction and iron clad defense against enemies. Thurisaz is the hammer of Thor; vanquisher of foul beasts and defender of mankind. This chaotic force can be channeled, directed, and propelled at any target we wish to destroy; and also to protect that which we love and value. These dichotomies of defense and destruction are the most primal functions and behaviors of which Thunraz, or Thor, is representative of.

Thurisaz is a symbol of male sexuality and potency. This primordial force is needed in the creation of new life and is a primary building block for existence. The male sexual energy is violent in spirit; something intense and aggressive at its’ root. Thurisaz shows its’ power and intent through procreation and wild, lustful intercourse.

Thurisaz symbolizes the power of thunder and storms. Like Hagalaz, it brings chaos and uncertainty with its’ fury and aggression. This same ferocity should be applied to our willpower, using it as a hammer to mold our destiny and position in time. With this in mind, Thurisaz is a direct representation of realized power, intensity and fury. These frenzied and chaotic energies are a required piece to the puzzle of life, and we must not shun these “surges” in power when they become available to us. This power is something we can learn to harness in ourselves when needed; as it can temporarily raise us into “Godhood” when that extra boost is needed to transcend.

Thurisaz is a rune of great strength and might. It represents the Thurs or “Giant(s)/Troll(s)”, the tribe (or forces) at odds with the Aesir in the Northern myths. Thurs are known for their strength in combat, wits, and skill in magic. However, these “giants” are not to be confused with the gargantuan, mythical beings from fantasy, but rather as a term for a different tribe, family, or spirit.

Thurisaz is a primordial and archaic force; one that has survived since the beginning of our age. From the Yawning Gap of madness and nonexistence the metaphysical beast Ymir was birthed, and from the chaos of his slain corpse was the  world created. Over the seas of blood the Thurs sailed, eventually settling in an area called Jotunheim. This area makes up one of the “wild” spaces surrounding the ordered, human world of  Midgard.

Thurisaz, in my opinion, radiates the opposite powers of Tiwaz. Order resides in Tiwaz, while chaos resides in Thurisaz. Our purpose is to become a master of these forces, and ultimately bring them to balance within us. When we have finally achieved this alchemy of perfect balance, we will no longer need to return to this realm and can ascend into the next.

Sowilo – Rune of the Sun

Sowilo represents the victorious and glorious powers of the sun; that which brings light and creation to life. It represents strength and solar power; a bolt of lightning striking your soul with the golden light of triumph. Sowilo illuminates the darkest places in our souls, making them known and conquerable.  It is a rune of great confidence, like the ever powerful sun above.

Sowilo is a sharp and potent energy source. Almost any act of overcoming or ascending is a reflection of this source-energy. It radiates through the driven and focused, through the powerful and enlightened. This golden energy source is wrought with strength and power of will, radiating clarity and focus unto us. With full confidence in our path and vision, we can move forward towards the Throne of Enlightenment, and reap the bounties of our ascension.

Sowilo is triumph over darkness and the destruction of shadows. It beams through all spaces and illuminates all things. This cosmic light has been worshiped across all cultures worldwide and we are its’ eternal children. Mankind is a solar species, unable to survive without the suns’ golden rays of beauty. We thrive in the suns presence and await its’ return eagerly, year after year.

Sowilo is a rune of great spiritual vitality. Where Uruz is the rune of physical strength, Sowilo gives our spirit the same intense qualities of strength and endurance; soaking our being in eternal light-strength. Sowilo acts as a link between the sun and the soul, connecting us internally to the burning God in the sky; the ever spinning solar wheel. Mankind has always depended on this force, and would surely fall into extinction without it.

Sowilo is a rune of thriving and superior health. Sunlight has endless healing abilities and provides us with UVB (Ultra-Violet B Rays). Our bodies turn this into valuable Vitamin D; something we cannot live without. Sunlight also provides us with Serotonin, something we need to feel focused, calm, and accomplished. Sunlight provides us with a healthy body and mind; we must never forget to use this source-energy when available to us.

Sowilo guides us in all directions as we journey across the Earth and it deserves our praise often. As long as our species walks the Earth, we will require this force and continue to bask in its’ glory.  We are children of the sun and Sowilo is our calling. Hail the Sun, the ever spinning wheel!

Ehwaz – Rune of Transport

Ehwaz is the rune of transportation and the transport, in whatever form it takes. In the time this rune was used, it was a symbol of the horse; the most common vessel of transportation at the time. Because of this connection, it’s also a symbol of trust. Our modes of transport have always been things we’ve had to trust and place faith in to deliver us from one place to another, and we take extra care to make sure they are always working properly.

Ehwaz is a rune of friendship and teamwork. It shows us that we can operate more practically and potently if we have partners and friends with common goals to work with, in all aspects of life. If we can “share the load” with other like-minded individuals, we can ascend faster and project our vision forward with more clarity and focus. This phenomenon of trust that is built and cultivated between partners is one of the secrets of Ehwaz. It emphasizes the connection we feel towards those who we put our unconditional trust and love into.

Ehwaz is a rune of movement and motion. We ride this transport through all realms of life, whether it be physical or metaphysical, and we are always in motion toward something. This rune should help propel you forward towards your goals and should be meditated on before any long journeys are undertaken. In that respect, always make sure your transport is prepared for the journey, and don’t be ignorant when it comes to the safety of yourself and those you travel with.

Ehwaz can also be reflected by the migrations of humans. It represents how the tribe and offspring transport the blood and spirit of the ancestors into the future and into new realms; carrying the torch forward into new ages. In this respect, Ehwaz can also be applied to sex, as it promotes the movements of the genes and blood, solidifying the survival of the tribe through continual motion. Constant movement and trust with a sexual partner radiates the powers of Ehwaz.

Ehwaz reminds us that steady, forward motion will bring us to our destination; the Throne of Enlightenment. It reminds us to trust in our movements and in those who move with us; never doubting the success of the journey. Ehwaz radiates through vessels we encounter, whether that be man, material, or beast. It sings through everything that moves and therefore exists in all things. Meditate on Ehwaz for clarity and mobility.

Tiwaz – Rune of Order

Tiwaz is the rune of the great and ancient Sky God. This is the force that governs  victory, justice, and order among mankind.  Tiwaz brings purpose and reason to us; offering a balance to the opposing powers of chaos and confusion. Tiwaz is a celestial power that neutralizes and combats the earthy, primitive, and chaotic forces governing the animal kingdom. It grants us our status as a different type of sentient being; one that isn’t driven by mere instinct but can analyze and impose its’ will upon the surrounding environment.

Tiwaz invokes and governs justice among men. When instinct drives us to be chaotic man-apes, we are returned to balance and reason by Tiwaz. Without this crucial force within us, we would be incomplete creatures without the capability to analyze or interpret; one of our most prominent and important features as a species. If you lie, cheat, and steal to get by, Tiwaz will bring you agony and leave you with an internal void; a lack of real accomplishment.

Tiwaz is leadership, honor, and duty to a specific cause.  He is dedicated and focused in his ways, unwavering in his faithfulness and zeal. Honor guides him and he absorbs good fortune, radiating the powers of justice and willpower wherever he goes. He is graceful and gallant, as any great man must be.  

Tiwaz is honor and goodness, chivalry and grace. He is the archetype of the Knight within the European soul. Bravery, courage, honor, and loyalty to what you believe in are his powers. This emulation is crucial and pivotal in our ascension of body, mind, and spirit. It is important to never turn your back on the realms of Tiwaz. If you do, you will surely lead a life of deception, bad luck, and treachery.

(Note: I do not believe in an anthropomorphic Tiwaz figure. I use the gender pronouns to associate the force of Tiwaz with masculinity, because it is one of masculine qualities. However, I think it is important for woman to work with Tiwaz in their own practice and growth as well; for it is a protective and loving force that can be beneficial to your self-evolution.)

Berkano – Rune of Celebration

Berkano is a rune of Spring, fertility and celebrations. It represents the family, joyous occasions, and is a sign of good luck in the realms of  new beginnings. When applied, this rune will bring happiness, good fortune, and growth. Berkano represents new creation and life (internal or external), and all ideas or plans should be acted upon with haste when stricken by its appearance in readings.

Berkano can represent the beginning of a new relationship or journey, the time when things are exciting, fresh, and unknown. Berkano represents a time of bliss and refreshment from the mundane day to day stagnation of domesticated, modern living. Look to this rune for hope, rejuvenation, and fresh starts. Berkano is a positive omen to have on display in any household; for it encourages peace, prosperity, and festivity within.

Berkano can be a symbol for birth of both the mind and flesh. It is the love felt for your family and its’ creations, as well as  a celebration of the  innate qualities of each individual. When a family or partnership is existing in perfect balance, the powers of Berkano will radiate therein, and continue to grow and nourish those it shines upon. Look to this rune for serenity and good fortune in places of art or business.

Berkano teaches us to be trusting and protective of our lovers, tribes, and families. It insists that we do not let selfishness or weakness spoil the love and connections in our lives. It is the silent and graceful power of dependence upon one another; an exchange that should be viewed in a positive light. This dependence is one that enhances the grand balance in ones life and ascends us to new heights of the spirit. Berkano is a doorway to the grand celebration of life and its’ creative powers; a path we must all travel and understand in order to be granted our ascension to the eternal Throne of Enlightenment.