Next book project nearing completion!

Resurrection of the Ancient Cult (Cover art by Warhead Art)

‘Resurrection of the Ancient Cult’ is a book I want to put together as more of an “art” piece rather than some sort of novel. I want it to basically be a cross between a zine, poetry and art book; something interesting, short and reflective of the world as I see and experience it. Elegiac is a project that encompasses much of my time and thought, so much of my essence is imposed onto it in many ways. More info in the next few weeks.

Will of the Witch

From ‘Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna : European Sorcery and Divination’ Page. 112

This bindrune I call the “Will of the Witch” and it was designed for protection against incoming harm or ill intent. Eight  runes and twelve runes protect two sacred enclosures () representing the internal and external realms of the caster. In simple terms, this is a bindrune for conducting Witchcraft and clarifying the Will of the Witch. Use this bindrune for supreme focus during magical workings or for added protection when needed.

Protection Bindrune for the Household

From ‘Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna : European Sorcery and Divination’ Page. 115

This bindrune is used as a protective symbol for the house and property. It shows the Proto-Germanic word “Hūsō,” meaning house. This can be carved onto the door or frame around the entrance of the home for good luck. The runes used are and further enforce the strength and resilience of those residing in the household. If you are only temporarily occupying a space, you can attach this to the wall, drawn or carved on parchment, wood, or bone.

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Thanks to all for the continued support.

I’ll be uploading a few bindrunes from the book soon and getting some pieces finalized to post. I’ve been working on a new Elegiac album for the last month and I haven’t had much time to write outside of lyrical content.

I may start uploading various lyrics from over the years as well, as that takes up a majority of my time when it comes to writing…

I hope you’re all staying positive and healthy in these difficult times.


Book Coming Soon!

Over the last few months I’ve been finalizing my first book entitled “Runes, Bindrunes and Hahalruna.” After many layout issues, rough drafts, and hours of editing, I am confident that it is close to finished. I’m very excited to release this project and I hope it will help those who are interested in Runes and Paganism.

This week I’ll be editing the blog page and adding more content. Thanks for looking and good luck during these strange times.